GENKAN was developed out of whatcould be described as necessity by one of Australia's most most progressive and forward thinking Vacation property management companies. In their view there simply wasn't a total solution for Vacation property management that included a sophisticated reservation booking engine, integrated trust accounting, back office management of properties, a complete transparent owners including accounts, email & SMS marketing. At the same time all providers of parts of this process were lagging behind the trends of today, that is utilising technology, the internet to further the profitability of Vacation & Short Term Property Management.

Vacation Rental property management techniques are moving forward at breakneck speed, the change is happening Many organisations are still struggling with the advances and impacts the internet has made on the industry, virtual offices, SMS, SEO, plus seeking the right skills, the right past experience, the right attitudes of your staff

Because of evolving trends in the industry, GENKAN can assist you in staying abreast of trends in the business

And so to succeed, the GENKAN property management consultancy can assist. Of course we want to sell you GENKAN however we hope that through our discussions with you that you will become infected with our vision and passion for what we do. Call us on 02 9929 79 44 to discuss.