With GENKAN, say goodbye to key management - Forever!

GENKAN and KABA present the ORACODE 660 locking system exclusively for GENKAN property management software users.

ORACODE Locking system with GENKANThe Oracode 660 Keyless Lock System from ILCO is an excellent way for rental property managers to manage the security of the owners property via the internet using GENKAN. Oracode access systems are electronic push-button keyless door locks, with each user being assigned a time-sensitive traceable code.

The Oracode 660 system is an efficient, secure, effective and economical access solutions. This unique keyless and cardless system is an electronic pin based lock that grants access through a time sensitive code. The oracode lock is the centrepience of a system consisting of a simple web based software package and a maintenance unit to program and audit the locks.

Access can be granted from anywhere in the world with GENKAN , as soon as the guest is confirmed GENKAN queries the KABA server for a unique door code, GENKAN. GENKAN then by SMS sends the client at a specific time of arrival their unique secure code. There is no need to store or distribute key or keycards to guests, staff or vendors. Access management becomes a breeze.

With the KABA Oracode system management GENKAN;

Replaces keys and keycards, there are no keys to pick-up or drop-off
Genkan Property Management Software Time specific code based on arrival date and expires upon guest departure
Genkan Property Management Software Lock is totally sealed with no exposed electronics to withstand climate extremes
Lock records and identifies person entering
Genkan Property Management Software Lock tracks and can download last 1000 entries
Genkan Property Management Software No wires or computer system required making it ideal for installation
Genkan Property Management Software Codes automatically deactivated at the end of guests stay
Genkan Property Management Software Allows you to keep your existing lockset
Genkan Property Management Software Codes can be generated days, months, or years in advance
KABA Oracode GENKAN integration