GENKAN is a innovative new approach to vacation online booking and property management for vacation rental accommodation for real estate agents incorporating functionality in one package only previously available by licensing multiple systems with the hassle to integrate your solution.

GENKAN is a total, "end to end" online vacation rental, property management solution for Real Estate agents specialising in vacation property management and reservations with integrated trust accounting.

Unlike many vacation rental property management solutions GENKAN has been developed, designed and built by vacation property management professionals in Australia with experience in several area's of the world and not software designers who continually build to how they think the industry works and whats best for it's users.

In fact GENKAN has been developed, designed and built by one of the most successful totally online vacation reservation property management - real estate companies of the past 5 years demonstrating real growth and profitability through marketing innovation with cost reductions. GENKAN has been developed and designed to remove the labour cost from property management by automating as much of the entire process that is possible but at the same time provide visitors to your accommodation website unique information to make their purchasing decision easy.

Features of GENKAN

online booking and property management system software Absolute "Real-Time" internet based online reservations and bookings software for vacation property management
Superior day to day management of Front Desk, Housekeeping, marketing and Maintenance tasks  
online booking and property management system software Time Saving Automated processes and innovations not offered by any other currently marketed vacation property management product  
Manages vacation & permanent rentals as well as property sales GENKAN property management software
Totally flexible tariff scheme calculation including including multiple schemes per business
GENKAN Unlimited flexibility with user defined security, you control who can see and who can do what. Property Management software
Complete management of 3rd party travel agents and affiliates if required
online booking and property management system software Unlimited images per property, floor plans and virtual tours
GENKAN Automatically applies special promotion discounts to any reservation added for the specified time periods
Automated Month End & Owner disbursements through integrated trust accounting SMSGLOBAL
Clear-cut job/work order features to track and expense repairs to properties
Complete reporting for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks  
Accurately expense unit balances for each reservation distribution  
Secure, Online Credit Card Authorisation or Google, Paypal checkout  
GENKANS's XML interface provides easy real-time access to 3rd party systems for accounting, flight, hotel, and car inventory that seamlessly integrates with our Online Booking Engine.  
Property owner reservations are automated to allow for zero rentals and special charges without having to rewrite the reservation  
SMS & email communication tools with automated scheduling of tasks  
Built and designed to build YOUR brand, not ours !~  

It could be said that GENKAN gets its name from the 12th century Mongolian leader Genghis Khan who was seen in his day amongst many things as an innovator in information processing. It was his obsession with acquiring and processing information that he used to open new doors and to develop new methods. An example of this is how he formed a communication `network` consisting of concentric rings spaced a day's horseback ride apart centred about his headquarters; messengers maintained a constant flow of information along radial lines connecting the rings. This structure was emulated by Napoleon and in some respects is mimicked by modern database systems.

GENKAN 玄関 is also the Japanese word for the place just inside a traditional Japanese house where you would leave your shoes before you open the door to the main house. GENKAN too will open many doors, to find out how call our sales team for a unique demonstration.

Open more doors.... GENKAN

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